Hello. I’m Jane.

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Hi. I’m Jane.

Hello. My name is Jane Davenport.

Actually, it’s not. That’s a pseudonym, because my real name is something a little trailer-trashier, as befitting my cultural roots of possum-farmers from Colorado.  Actually, I’d rate my family as being about halfway between The Brady Bunch and Honey Boo Boo.  Maybe a tad closer to Honey Boo Boo.

I grew up in lovely San Diego, California, and first clapped eyes on New York City in 1976 as a starry-eyed young idiot. I was the worst kind of young idiot, too– following a new boyfriend to his native land. Later on, he turned out to be gay, but I moved here permanently in 1980 and never looked back.

Since then, I’ve acquired a Dominican husband, two multi-cultural daughters, a bunch of cats, several kinds of careers, a dog, and 30 years of New York City wisdom. We tried to move out of the city once for a whole year (to Westchester – a-whole-nother story), but couldn’t handle it. So we came back.

New York City represented total freedom to me when I first came here, and it still does. I’ve lived mostly in Manhattan, with frequent day trips to the other boroughs (not Staten Island,

Visual approximation of first boyfriend.

obviously).  I’ve lived here so long that I figured it’s now YOUR turn to receive the benefit of my wisdom

By the way, you may notice there’s a bag over my head in the portrait. That’s because I value my anonymity and freedom. And let’s face it, I’m not that easy on the eyes.

Here are the stats

Born in upstate New York, grew up in San Diego, California

Current zip code:  nothing too exciting, but still Manhattan.

Roommates: Two teen daughters, a husband, a dog, 2 guinea pigs (“Fatso” and “Squeekelina”, the pig formerly known as “Sugar Bon Bon”)

Age Range: See Hills, comma, older than the.

Current Profession:  Incipient going-viral webmaster, permanent data geek, general know-it-all

Life-Saving Free Tip:  Look both ways, even on one-way streets.  Why?  Bicycles.


  1. Love your sense of humour.
    As you can see, the way I spell humour tells you where I’m from.

    Humor- humour

    Color – colour

    Sour – ? sour. hhhhmmm… Proof that we have something in common. 🙂

    Looking forward.

  2. Humor TOO acidly delicious for words! I need to be on your email list! (And never mind that my nickname is Frankie; I’m a girl – of a certain age . . . .)

    • Why thank you! No mailing list for now, but I post just before midnight each Thursday (NYC timezone, of course). If the list happens, you’ll be on it.

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